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The Captain Painter is an organization that brings a team of true specialists in large painting projects. We are an engineering company focused on offering quality services to the civil construction field. No matter the complexity of your project, we are ready to help.

We approach all jobs with a keen eye to the latest and greatest technological solutions, innovating new processes to get the work done safer, quicker and better. We analyze your work in a customized way for each client to meet all your needs for the project and guarantee 100% satisfaction before you make a single payment.

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Client Enchantment

Our clients are always our priority. We give to them a service that enchants in all ways, aligning the best technique, the best team and the best result.


We are a technological based company and we reckon with professionals that, besides developing many innovations on the field, analyze your work on a customized way and think of the best technical approach to solve your necessities.


We take care of our collaborators and we form leaders able to attend to the challenges of your project. We have a continuous training plan and clear goals that guide the behavioral attitude and the work of each person.


Do you have interest and knowledge in civil construction? Would you like to be part of our affiliated team?

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