The airless painting techinque was created in the United States in 1968. It is made using a spray or pistol and it uses a totally atomized equipment that dispenses the necessity of compressed air usage. The high pressure of the airless painting equipment makes the paint or spackling sprinkle under high conditions and speed.

When passing through the spray nozzle, the high pressure makes the paint particles break up, enlarging their expansion area as they are sprayed on the surface. The cloud formed by the better distribution of paint or spackling is very reduced and, because of that, the raw material wasting is smaller, something through 25 up to 30% per application.

The airless painting also shows other benefits: in this system, there is a better distribution of mass/paint, less pollution on the working area and possibilities of applying thicker layers per coating. Two people can perfectly manipulate the airless equipment and substitute the work of ten professionals who use the painting roll or brush at the same period of time. Using this technique, we make your work more efficient and clean, with quickness on the execution and less waste.

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