Owning a commercial building isn’t easy. In many ways, it’s much more challenging than owning a home. If your house is outdated, people may not notice. However, if your commercial residence is outdated, you may have a difficult time finding new tenants or new customers. One of the simplest ways you can make your commercial space in Fort Lauderdale look brand new is by giving it a new paint job. Of course, it isn’t always a breeze to find a painting company in South Florida that you can trust. At The Captain Painter, our team knows just how difficult it can be. Some of our services include:  

  • Exterior House Painting  
  • Interior House Painting  
  • Interior Commercial Painting  
  • Exterior Commercial Painting  
  • Exterior Commercial Services  
  • Stucco Application  
  • Garage Floor Application  
  • Deck Refinishing 
  • & So Much More  

As you can see, we’re not a team that only provides one type of service. We know that homeowners and commercial owners need assistance in multiple areas, whether it’s interior, exterior, the garage, or the deck! Fort Lauderdale is also home to many different types of materials. Some homes have stucco, while others are predominantly made up of wood. Some have faux finishes, while others have high-end textures that need to be coherent with the rest of the property. Whatever your needs are, know that you have a trustworthy company by your side.  

Your business or commercial real estate is vital to your success. Don’t let a new paint job stop you from being the best that you can be. By being inviting, clean, up to date, and on top of your game, you can expect the same attention from similar clients. If you’re in need of a painting service provider in Fort Lauderdale trust over a decade of experience with The Captain Painter. By listening and understanding the vision that you have in mind, we can help you execute. Call our team today at (954) 278-1313!

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